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We care about Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and the impact on the environment – it’s our business and it constitutes what we do every day.

Sustainable Strategy Imperative

As Global Warming becomes more prevalent and reforms continue to tighten, a sustainable strategy is imperative for Thistlewood Refrigeration & Air Conditioning.

Thistlewood Refrigeration & Air Conditioning are taking accountability and implementing sustainable practices by:

  • Mitigating the impact of traditionally harmful materials used in refrigeration by opting to use new products and technological advancements which are proven to reduce adverse impact on the environment
  • Working with clients to upgrade from older equipment to cut emissions and reduce operating costs
  • Being actively involved in industry forums and discussions about sustainable refrigeration and air conditioning service practices

Looking towards a Sustainable Future

enviroThistlewood Refrigeration & Air Conditioning can equip your home or office with environmentally friendly products, as well as work with you to create a preventative maintenance program to meet your needs.

At Thistlewood Refrigeration & Air Conditioning it is important that we continue to manage our business practices to adapt to an evolving industry and preserve the environment now and into the future.

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