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When it comes to tailoring something special we have the expertise to design, build and install custom-made cold and freezer rooms to meet your needs – from department warehouses to your home kitchen – the options are endless!

Whether you are relocating or renovating your current site, a custom made cold or freezer room can be a great solution to help optimise space and lower maintenance and operating expenses. Our services include:

  • Design a cold or freezer room to fit your location, capacity, operating and budgetary requirements
  • Provide an obligation free quote to help with planning and costing your options
  • Use the highest quality materials and practices in preparing all fixtures, fittings and mechanics
  • Allocate experienced and dedicated technicians to build and install your cold or freezer rooms
  • Provide post-installation technical support plus on-going maintenance services to ensure your equipment is in the best condition

Thistlewood Refrigeration-Cold Room Specialist
If you’re interested in finding out more or getting a quote for a custom made cold or freezer room, please contact us to arrange for an onsite inspection.

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